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Not Your Traditional Residential Painter

People frequently have the erroneous perception that hiring a residential painter is an unnecessary expense. If you consider yourself as one of these people, you should also consider the fact that the excellent quality that they can deliver can very well outweigh the cash outflow. Now that you understand why their services are essential, you should not dillydally in your decision in asking for help from Sixtos Painting. We can alter your home or your office so that you or anyone who happens to see it would be pleasantly surprised at the transformation that has taken place. We have been doing this for property owners in the areas of since 1992 so it is about time for you to take advantage of our offer. If you still need some more persuasion, then you better keep reading this article.


Commercial Painting Service – We are not defined by our role as a professional house painter. We are more than happy to take up the challenge of recreating your office space in Woodland Hills, CA by efficiently using our paintbrushes and rollers. As a start, we would work on getting your office walls ready. We would remove the old paint because keeping it there would not make our work last. In addition, we might even wash your walls with soap and water to thoroughly remove the grime. Once we are satisfied with the preparation that we have done, we can work on the actual painting of your office.


Exterior Painting Service – We would always take considerable time in prepping the surface that we will work on because this will guarantee that our output will last for a long time. If we ever see the need to do power washing, we would recommend it.


We would recommend the colors that will work well for your home. For instance, if we find out that you love tradition and have surrounded yourself with plants, we would present a more subtle color palette which would be ivory, white, and aqua. Perhaps, we have seen that you have simple tastes and have created a garden with lots of turfs. If this is the case, then we would suggest the use of taupe, beige, brown, and rustic red.

You do not have to look far when you need an exterior and interior painter. You can always depend on the services of Sixtos Painting. So take the advice of smart property owners in Woodland Hills, CA and ask for our help. Call us now at (818) 312-6051 for transformative painting services.