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Booking The Services of a Commercial Interior Painter Takes Time

Hiring a residential painter to freshen up the interior of some of the rooms in your home may be hard, but hiring a commercial interior painter is even more complicated. It involves a bit more time and research. Of course, you also need to know which the right questions are that you need to ask the potential candidates.

Here are some suggested questions that you may want to find the answers to:

  1. Are you licensed and insured? If a painter is not licensed, this means that even if you sign a contract with him, it won’t be valid. An insurance, on the other hand, provides you with peace of mind that even if your commercial facility gets accidentally damaged by the painting crew, you will be reimbursed for this damage by the insurers.

  2. Can you provide me with a service guarantee and a warranty for the painting materials used? Ask the companies you call which paint delivery provider they work with and check whether these paints come with a warranty.

  3. Can we sign a contract clearly stating the final price for the job and the materials to be used? If a painter does not offer you upfront job specifications locked in a contract, then you should most probably turn to another company which is trustworthy.

  4. Can we set a deadline for the project completion? Do you work under pressure? Usually, when you have to repaint a commercial facility, you will have to stop your working process, for a day or two, in the area being painted. This maybe plenty of time for some production businesses. If you don’t want to lose that much time or give your employees too many days off, you have to find a commercial interior painter who is willing to complete the project as fast as possible and is comfortable with working under pressure.

  5. Do you have all the necessary types of exterior painting equipment, like scaffolding and ladders or do you rent them from a subcontractor? Companies that rent equipment from other contractors usually add an extra fee to your service cost to cover the added expenses.

In order to work with a local exterior painting service provider who knows his business, don’t hesitate calling Sixtos Painting. We have an expert team of painters who are ready to finish any emergency paintwork within the shortest of deadlines. Dial (818) 312-6051 if you are interested to learn more about the consultations that you can schedule with us, as well as our service fees, of course.